Reiki Healing and Angel Reading

​Spiritual Enhancement​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

What is the mission of Spiritual Enhancement?
The mission of Spiritual Enhancement is to assist every soul (human and non-human) to achieve complete wellness through faith/spiritual healing and alternative/holistic healing.

What is faith/spiritual healing?
Faith and spiritual healing is non-religion based healing but based on the faith that God is love and wants what's best for us. God is a loving supreme being and does not judge us for practicing our free-will. God created the Angels and Archangels to watch over us and asking for their help is not a violation of our relationship with God.

What is alternative and holistic healing?
Alternative and holistic healing is complementary to conventional medicine. Unlike conventional medicine, alternative and holistic healing or sometimes called alternative and holistic medicine deals not only on the physical cause of the disease but also promotes healing through emotional, mental, and spiritual state. Emotional state, mental attitude, and spiritual faith of an individual helps the physical healing at a much faster rate.

What type of alternative and holistic healing does Spiritual Enhancement provide?
Spiritual Enhancement received the following certifications: Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher, and Angel Intuitive. Spiritual Enhancement is continually seeking healing modalities that will enable to help many.

What is Reiki?
Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing and total wellness - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It is a healing system that channels the universal life force energy guided by the Spirit of God acquired by the practitioner through meditation and prayers, then later channeled through the client through a gentle, soft, or light touch to promote healing at the best interest of the client.

What is the history of Reiki?

Is Reiki a religion or does is belong to a specific religion?
Reiki is not a religion or a cult. Although the founder is a Japanese Buddhist Monk, it was never suggested for the practitioner or the clients to convert or be initiated into Buddhism. The practice concentrates on improving the connection of humanity to the Creator God. Each religion will have many different ways of teaching, which eventually promotes love and understanding towards one another to achieve spiritual growth. Reiki can be viewed as a spiritual practice which honors all religious practices.

What is Reiki healing?
Reiki healing is a healing that can treat the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspect of the anyone who asks for it. The practice can be viewed as a spiritual practice but all that is necessary is to have an open mind and allow the healing to take place because it is ultimately the recipient's free will that will allow the healing to come into fruition.

Is Reiki a massage?
Although many massage therapists nowadays are attuned to Reiki, massage therapy and Reiki are two different practices. Massage therapy requires the manipulation of the muscles (and sometimes joints), whereas Reiki is a perfect example of laying of hands like faith healing (healing ministries) and therapeutic touch (popular in some hospitals). A Reiki session is sometimes included by massage therapists that were attuned to Reiki to lessen or remove muscle soreness after the massage therapy session.

How is Reiki performed?
Reiki is performed while the patient is fully clothed. The energy can penetrate through anything. It is normally a hands-on treatment with the exception of sensitive or private areas of the body that is deemed inappropriate to be touched. In such cases, the client may ask for a blanket to cover the area or the entire body during a hands-off (hands are placed few inches away from the area of concern) treatment. Reiki does not involve any manipulation of the muscle or joints.

What are the possible benefits of a Reiki session?
The peaceful and solemn relaxation brought by Reiki leads to many beneficial results including stress reduction, peace of mind, reduced or relief from pain, reduced anxiety, and many experiences spiritual enhancement or connection to the Highest Being after the process.

Why even consider Reiki?
We live in a world of constant change and our well being may or may not adapt to that change. Although science can explain many of the causes and effects of our daily encounters here on earth, there are still remaining unknown factors that can affect the way we react to many factors like spirituality and religion. Medicine can never explain the influence of spirituality and faith, but both spirituality and faith can influence medicine through its miracles.

Why do you call your practice as Christian-based Reiki?
I call my practice as Christian-based Reiki due to I believe that Jesus is the son of God, the creator of everything that exists. He is the only manifestation of God on earth. The heavens also claimed it when it opened and God announced Jesus' identity. He is also the only healer that commands and obeyed even by the evil spirits. All services offered are done by invoking God, through Jesus (son of God), Archangels, Angels, my Reiki Spirit Guides, All Beings of the Light such as Saints or Ascended Masters like: Mother Mary, Buddha, St. Francis, St. John the Baptist, etc... and all Spirit Guides.

What is Angel Intuitive?
Angel Intuitive is a certification class created by Doreen Virtue, PhD. that is focused on healing old blocks and fears to enjoy all of the support and success of focusing upon our divine purpose. It is a non-religion based skill and respects all beliefs.

Angel Intuitive is a form of guidance for practitioners to locate areas of the body that requires healing and practitioners work primarily with the angelic realm to assist the client on their healing and spiritual path.