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​​Angels are loving and helpful beings and messengers of God, the Creator and provider of our needs. ​Sometimes our vibration is so low that it seems that we cannot tap into God's energy and because of those doubts, ​God has used intermediaries such as Angels to facilitate the work on God's behalf since their vibrations can be easily felt​ due to their main mission is to assist human beings. Healing with Angels allow our vibration to be raised high enough to receive ​the healing the body needs and be disconnected from unwanted energy and/or imbalance.

Reiki is a stress reduction and relaxation technique that promotes healing. It is a laying of hands technique that is very effective and a safe method to alleviate many illnesses. It can be combined with any other medical or therapeutic practices and always create a beneficial effect leading to recovery from many illnesses.

This healing is more powerful than regular Reiki session and usually performed to severe and chronic illnesses or whenever a crisis is present. The attunement does not initiate the client to practicing Reiki, but receive the ​powerful energies similar to the initiation to Reiki.

Chakra healing or balancing is a technique that can repair energy centers or chakras (along with energy fields or auras) to normalcy from the damage that has been caused by the internal and external forces (i.e. stress, worries, anger, etc...). If aura is not repaired, illness can manifest at or around the corresponding chakras leading to imbalance and sickness. This is the best way to recharge and bring back our inner peace and balance in our lives. We live in a world where time is of an essence and we always have to be on the go. Let this session of relaxation reduce the stress of your day for a more blissful days to come. 

House Clearing is  a technique in which the house is brought into harmony and balance, taking away unwanted and stagnant energy that has accumulated throughout time and is recommended prior to house blessing. House Blessing is done after House Clearing to make sure that love, peace, and harmony is sealed into the house after removing unwanted and stagnant energy with House Clearing.

This is a removal of attachment or possession of unwanted energy or being(s) through Reiki healing and/or Angel Intuitive methods where a process in which attachment or possession caused by a psychic attack or a curse is removed with the help of God, the Archangels and Angels, and all Heavenly Beings.

* Reiki treatment or any services offered here do not replace the treatment obtained from your healthcare providers. Spiritual Enhancement strongly recommends its clients to seek the help of medical professionals prior to subscribing to any services due to Spiritual Enhancement is not licensed to diagnose, prescribe medications, or perform any treatment that is normally conducted by medical professionals. It is also strongly recommended to consult with your medical professionals such as your Physicians, Nurses, and/or Pharmacists prior to stopping or discontinuing a medication treatment. It is the ultimate goal of Spiritual Enhancement for its clients and the world to live a healthy and balanced life.

House Clearing and Blessing
Removal of attachment/curse

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Chakra Balancing and Healing
Angel / Reiki Healing
Healing Attunement