​​​​​​​​Spiritual Enhancement

Spiritual Enhancement is a Registered Sun's Eye Essential Oils Retail Reseller



Crown Chakra Oil - features Clear Quartz and Sandalwood Chips to promote spiritual awareness.

Third Eye Chakra Oil - features Amethyst and Palo Santo Wood to promote intuition and insight.

Throat Chakra Oil - features Lapis Lazuli and Lavender Buds to promote expression and communication.

Heart Chakra Oil - features Rose Quartz and Rose Petals to promote love and compassion.

Solar Plexus Chakra Oil - features Citrine and Lemon Peel to promote self-empowerment and individuality.

Sacral Chakra Oil - features Carnelian and Cardamom Pods to promote sensuality and creativity.
Root Chakra Oil - features Hematite and Clove to promote grounding and tribal instincts.


Attraction Essential Oil - contains cinnamon bark to draw good spirits. love, luck, and money

Guardian Angel Essential Oil - contains hyssop to attract spiritual assistance and protection.

Good Luck Essential Oil - contains grains of paradise to increase good fortune through psychic development.

Love Drawing Essential Oil - contains red rose petals to attract the qualities of love.
Meditation Essential Oil - contains myrrh to heighten and enhance the meditative state.
Money Drawing Essential Oil - contains frankincense to attract material gain to business and home.
Psychic Power Essential Oil - contains mugwort to help focus psychic energy.
Spirit Guide Essential Oil - contains acacia flowers to aid in communication with spirit guides.
Success Essential Oil - contains orris root to strengthen endeavors and overcome obstacles.
Vision Quest Essential Oil - contains mugwort to stimulate creative visualization and the third eye.
Wishing Essential Oil - contains cinnamon bark for alignment with one's dreams and wishes.


Dove's Heart - to calm the soul and solve problems of the heart.
Dragon’s Blood Oil - with dragon's blood resin. Used for empowerment, uncrossing, spiritual cleansing, protection.
Kabala Oil - for solitary meditation and mystical practice.
Nag Champa - our own blend of aromatic herbs faithfully reproduces the classic Indian favorite. Used to heighten spiritual vibrations.
Uncrossing Oil - blended to disperse negative influences, dispel jinxes and alleviate the results of random exposure to detrimental